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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 13, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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morning, gusty storms this afternoon, but i do have better news for the upcoming weekend, i'm have your full forecast, coming up. bob? >> friday, already beginning here with a vehicle spin out. >> this fellow is facing the wrong direction on route 202, in the construction zone. we'll check the rest of the roads, and mass transit, coming up next, erika, good morning. >> thank you, bob, good morning. more on breaking news after five years of prisoner of war, army sergeant bowe bergdahl is now back in the u.s. to continue his treatment. overnight, he flew to brook army medical center in san antonio, from ran steen air base in germany. arrived there couple of hours ago. it is unclear how long sergeant bergdahl will recuperate in san antonio. idaho native is expected to be reunited with his family. and, developing right now, manhunt is underway after a violent robbery at northeast philadelphia gun store and shooting range. the robbery happened last night outside the delaware valley sports center in bustleton. "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein is live there now
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with the very latest. jen, good morning. good morning, this happened around 8:30 last night, in this parking lot outside of the delaware valley sports center, here in bustleton, we do have 67 year old man, who is fighting for his life this morning, after he suffered a single gunshot wound, and also, this morning, investigators are looking for a pair, they're calling, armed and extremely dangerous. police say two men had just finished up at the shooting range inside the delaware valley sports center in bustleton around 8:30 last night. as they were walking into this parking lot, they found themselves face-to-face with a man and a woman. >> both the male and the female had guns. they demanded the guns from the victims, as well as their money, wallets, and cell phones. >> the 67 year old man in his 68 year old friends complied, handed over everything. but that wasn't enough for the pair. >> for some reason, after the robbery, our male perpetrator
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fired one shot striking our 67 year old victim in his groin. and he's presently in critical condition. >> police say the two jumped into a dark colored vehicle, with dark tinted windows, and sped off. >> so now these two perpetrators, male and female, who initially both were armed with guns, stole an additional seven guns. so this is an extremely violent pair right now. they have nine guns in their possession. >> just on wednesday, police say, there was a similar robbery at the gun range located on the 500 block of force perth i street in philadelphia. police did not provide details on that but say the two robberies could be related. >> and, this sports center is in a business complex, geiger road, where we are right now. we do know that police did find several surveillance cameras in the area, and they're also external cameras, on this business, that they will be checking to see if it leads them to these two suspects. that's the latest from
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bustleton, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jen, thank you. now, new this morning, investigators say it was arson that forced approximately 30 people from their homes in bucks county, bensalem court apartments. that fire broke out around 9:30 last night. fire officials say the fire was contained to a a boiler room inside one of the apartment buildings. no one was hurt. 5:03. you heard the sound of the soaking rain, we've gotten used to it this week, kate? >> we have gotten used to it, we've had rain every single day, monday through friday of this week, unfortunately today is friday and no difference. we've got showers around this morning, some locally heavy, another rounds late this afternoon. we go ahead, take a look and see what's going on outside. we start with storm storm scan3, batch of rain off the shore line, could impact the shore points in a couple of hours, not off shore for berks county, lehigh county, these areas are seeing pretty heavy rain right now. see where the green, yellow, and orange shading is. we actually have couple of
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flood advisories to tell you about as we zoom in. cities like ephrata, pottstown, upper uke lynn, upper milford, all of these areas under flood advisory, goes until 7:45, thanks to the heavy showers have come through, meaning smaller streams across the area, if you are traveling along those streams, already been swollen this week, because of all of the rain that we've h also in turn and -- urban areas, any spots that tends to flood, if you are familiar with your area, if you noah spot that tends to get a lot of water when it rains, those spots will probably see ponding hit this morning. so play it safe. again, heaviest of the morning showers should start to push out by about 7:00, 8:00. notice what happens around midday. see the breaks in the cloud cover? still showers around. i think we may actually see sunshine around noon. of course more sun, means, more heat. and the more sun we get midday, the stronger these storms will be coming through 5:00, 6:00 this evening. they are scattered, but localized downpours, strong gusty winds possible with anyone of those storms, until about 8:00. and then, finally, we clear things out overnight and some nicer weather on the way for
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the weekendment temperatures right now hovering around the 70 degrees mark, it is warm, steamy, but humidity will drop behind that front tonight at well. we check in with bob kelly. how are the roads looking this wet morning? >> things are wet, sort after carbon copy the last couple of days here, so i think we're just now starting to get used to it and it is friday. outside, live look at closure, i toll but this crash just few moments ago, luckily, we got the emergency crews on the scene here. this is the southbound lanes of route 202 at route 401. all lanes are blocked right now. this is the one vehicle that was involved. you casino of see the crews standing around the drivers side of the vehicle. but this is a rough spot. because it is in the work zone and there is no shoulder to casino of wiggle around there. so outwent use route 30, lancaster avenue, as your alternate. accident south on the northeast extension, approaching the lehigh valley interchange. there is also a crash in the neighborhood, huntington pike at byberry road. and then just got word of downed tree there is along
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route 309. obviously the water seeping into the ground, and knocking the trees out, kind of loosening up the soil. north on 309, right before susquehanna road, the right lane is taken out. and remember there is weekend, as anyone heading down to the delaware beaches with the 495 closure there, between exits two and three, maybe try going in the new jersey. take the commodore barry bridge, and use 322 down and come back and over the delaware memorial. forget there is a river, there hook up with the jersey side, that will get you around this closure, which obviously will be therefore the rest of the summer. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank youment developing right now, septa and two unions will meet with federal mediator in a final attempt to avoid a strike on the regional railsment unions representing electrical workers and engineers have been working without a contract for four years. leaders say rang and file will walk off the job tomorrow morning 12:01, unless septa agrees to retroactive wage
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hikes and pension. >> inconvenience to be the least. >> unexpected, i wasn't aware, so probably can't get to the city or back without, you know, taking the train. >> hopefully they'll be able to work it out before they have a strike or maybe president obama will go in and do some sort of injunction. >> septa's regional rails handle about 120,000 riders a day. if there is a strike, septa's buses, subways, trolleys will not be affected. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of this loom willing strike. as soon as there are any development, we'll have them for you on >> local music teach is her being held on $300,000 bail. he's charged with sexually abusing some of his young students. police say 44 year old antoine fomin abused three children, all six years old. the alleged a boys happened at the malvern music school in chester county. the investigation began when a student told her parents fomin allegedly touched her private parts, during a lesson. >> i was shocked, and an agree
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every distraut and sad that hard for me to put words, to which is still how i feel. my heart goes out to the alleged victims. >> investigators believe there may be more victims, and are urging parents to talk to their children. happening today, the men who allegedly flashed a gun in a community college of philadelphia is expected in court for a preliminary hearing. police say that ryan fitch pulled out a gun in a classroom during argument on may 29th. charges against fitch include terroristic threats, recures endangerment, and simple assault s a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to put fitch on trial. >> us transportation secretary is head today wilmington this morning to tour the leaning i495 bridge still closed for repairs. i495 bridge closed on june 2nd after inspection revealed tilting columns. the federal government has already given the state $2 million for emergency repairs. the highway is shutdown between 12th street and terminal avenue and officials
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hope to reopen it by labor day. >> and, it seems like pennsylvania dot can't catch a break with the weather. none of us can this week anyway. more stormy weather delayed construction yet again on i-95 between allegheny and girard avenues. penndot needs to shift traffic on the highway to rebuild that section of the road. the project will now start one week from monday. happening today, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be in philadelphia. clinton is promoting her new book called hard choices. she'll sign copies of the book this morning at the central parkway branch of the free library on logan, logan circle. now, if you don't already have tickets for the event, don't even bother going. we're told tickets are all sold out. >> today is also last day on the job for a philadelphia fire commissioner, lloyd ayers. he's retiring after 40 years with the fire department. airs held that top job for almost a decade. deputy fire commissioner, derrick soar, takes over for airs tomorrow. >> nice, 5:09.
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motorcyclist learns important lesson, about keeping an eye on the road. you have to see this video of this frightening crash. >> also, ahead, not one but two bears roaming around local neighborhoods. we have more video of those animals, and we'll tell you where they were last spotted. >> also, is 30th street station about to get a name change? well known local politician whose name could soon go on the train station. >> and are you sick of the rain yet? uh-huh, i am, too. our wet week is not over just yet. kate tracking more storms, but will they be gone in time for the weekend? we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3'sment looking live outside, the
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>> two bears on the noose camden county. new video of the bears walking across auburn avenue in water
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for the township. bear eventually went into wharton state forest. an eyewitness describes her encounter with that bear. >> he looked like he was on a sunday stroll. just kind of wandering around. he was probably looking for food. >> now, a second bear was spotted along wharton avenue, winslow township wednesday morning. if you see either of those bears, just call 911. stay away from t right now 5:13, traffic and weather together. finally, the ends is in site with this rain, kate? >> that's correct, erika. light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. we have today to get through before we can enjoy some relief from this stormy pattern we've been in all week. take a look at storm scan 36789 you can see, big batch of showers, lifting north across the region, the heaviest rain right now, over portions of upper montgomery county, into northern chester county, eastern berks county, and up into the lehigh valley, as women. see this complex of showers here. not seeing a lot of lightning with this right now, could be rumbles every thunder, biggest threat, threat for street ponding and flooding, we've also got heavy rain, off the coast, little bit of it is slipping the shore points, you
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can see, few showers developing here across south jersey, but this one lifts to the north, we go through the the remainder of this morning, trying to clear it out midday, setting stage for next rounds of showers, storms, late this afternoon and this evening. couple of flood advisories to tell you about, one for portions every lancaster, berks county, another upper montgomery, chester, into eastern berks county, pottstown, upper uke lind, in the flood advisory, means smaller streams are flooding or could be flooding and also some street ponding out there. we take quick look at the pollen report here, we go through the next few days, pretty low today. down to 2.1, but notice how it climbs, those levels climb all the way into next week. predominant pollen, grasses, so if you don't need the meds today, may need them over the weaken watch to expect, heavy showers, also patchy dense fog, midday clearing, but remember, the sun creates heat it, creates up lift, fan we get enough sun, storms will be even strong they are afternoon, gusty thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening with strong winds and localized downpours. we've got better weather for the upcoming weekend, your seven day in just a few
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minutes, for now we check in with bob kelly. >> did you say grass political send bad today? can i get a note on that? that will get me out of cutting the grass this weekend. i need like a doctors note from doctor kate over there. 5:15, let's go outside, live look at route 202. an accident, southbound, right at the 401 interchange here, all lanes are block, definitely somebody injured here, because they have the rescue squad on the scene and pushing everybody off at route 401. there is the vehicle there involved. again, it is southbound route 401-6789 the rest of the roadways, little wet behind the ears, the spray, sort of the same thing we've been dealing with all week long here, but no delays to speak of here on the schuylkill expressway. for the gang up in trenton, southbound, 95, right at the 206 interchange, a crash to look out for. also, south on the northeast extension, anyone coming back from the poconos, headed into the lehigh valley, an accident there. police and crews on the scene. and all of this water we've been having here in the last couple of days, loosening up the soil, downed tree, route 309 northbound right before
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susquehanna road, busy night tonight in south philadelphia. phillies playing some baseball. have the shore traffic heading through south philly, trying to get to the walt whitman bridge. and then of course busy weekends, for the phillies and the soul in there saturday night, down there at the stadium complex. septa broad street subway adding extra trains from all of the sports fans. nicole, erika, over to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:16. today of course friday the 13th, so are you superstitious? well, you might feel little un luck when you go to use your cell phone today. we'll let you know why. >> also, take a look at these adorable puppies. oh, how cute are they? someone actually left them on the side after new jersey road. where they were found, and what happens to them next? we'll explain.
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>> pretty wild video in alabama, a motorcyclist is about to drive into some serious trouble. an important lesson about
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riding in nasty weather and shall cautious. storms knocked huge tree on to the road in birmingham. of course cars drove around the tree. but a biker, didn't see it in the dark, and slammed right into it. he ended up pinned under his motorcycle, but he was conscious enough when they took him to the hospital. good news. >> there is word that comedian tracy morgan's condition sim proving. this after almost a week when he was seriously hurt in a crash on the jersey turnpike. one man was killed, and morgan and two other men were hurt, when a truck hit their limo last saturday morning. truck driver kevin roper entered not guilty plea to criminal charges in a new brunswick courtroom wednesday. tracy morgan's publicist released a statement that reads in part, quote, while tracey remains in critical but stable condition, he continues to show signs of improvement. his medical team remains optimistic that his recovery is progressing. family of dogs rescued in a new jersey neighborhood. wait until you see these
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faces. >> woman and her children spotted two puppies and their mother walking dangerously close to a road in toms river. animal control officers got involved. they found seven more puppies in a nearby wooded area. the dogs are said to be in good health, and if no one claims them, they'll be up for adoption in just a few weeks. and who could resist? >> those face. >> one of them may already have a new home, traffic producer just said how can i get one of those puppies. >> i love that. >> perhaps have little family here at cbs-3. right now 5:20. painful accident on the set of the new star wars movie. we have the word on the injury that is side lining one of the stars. plus: >> my knees didn't buckle. it was just -- >> scare on stage, when the guitar player passes outright in the middle of a solo. he's life today thanks to hero in that crowd. we'll have the story
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time for your traffic and weather together. any good news for us? >> no good news today, but good news coming up for the weekends, always good news. nice weekends, we can make it through a week with this kind of weather. see the rain lifting to the north along warmfront here. heavy showers off to the north and west, especially morning, but the cold front still way back over portions of ohio, not going to get here until late this afternoon or this evening, so, meantime, we will clear things out around midday, dealing with heavy rain still this morning, north and west suburbs, see up through the lehigh valley, berks, upper montgomery county as well, couple of flood advisories there. so fog, showers this morning, then notice blue skies in the background, may see little clearing midday. but then another round every gusty thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening. it will end tonight, and here is good news, eyewitness weather seven day forecast, beautiful for the weaken, low 80s, sunny, lower humidity, we heat it up against next week. but at least we get rid of the storms for couple of days.
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good morning, bob. >> good riddance, yes, 5:23. good morning, we begin with closure route 202. live look at route 202 southbound, lanes are blocked at route 401. all because after accident, the car off to the right there, just above the time and temp, a vehicle involved in the crash. identification lancaster avenue. the benny looking live from the camden toll plaza, wet behind the ears, but hey, at least we can see the ben franklin today. unlike the past couple of days with the thick fog we've been dealing w septa on the route 13 trolley, terminating at the yeadon loop, all due to track work, and along with that track work, using buses along the route 11 trolley from 70th and wood man over to the darby loop. the phillies open weekend series with the cubs tonight in south philly. after winning three in a row for the first time in almost a month. about time, guys. jimmy rollins moved in with one hit off the phils.
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all time hit leader, mike schmidt, with first inning rbi single yesterday against the padres. john mayberry, jr., one of the phillies stars, hit three run homerun to make yesterday afternoon's final, phillies seven, padres, three. the san antonio spurs just one win away from another nba title. leonards had double-double, and the spurs whip the miami heat 107-86 on the heat's home court. san antonio has commanding three games to one lead on the heat game five is back in san antonio sunday night. >> well the los angeles can win their second stanley cup in three years tonight, they lead the new york rangers three games to one. game five of the stanley cup finals is in los angeles, to face-off at 8:00 eastern time. and, golfers tee-off around two of the us open in lit more than an hour, north carolina, the first round leader is martin keim err there is year's players championship winner, as well. he is at five under right now, grand motorcycle dolan kevin
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three shot back. phil mickelson at 33, never won us open. 5:26. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are continuing to follow breaking news. american soldier bowe bergdahl, he returns to the u.s., five years after he was captured by the taliban. we have new video right here, his plane arriving overnight. we're going live to san and antonio to see what happens next to bergdahl. >> seven stolen guns on the street right now after violent robbery at north philadelphia shooting range. we've learned it may not be the only crime those thieves committed this week. >> bob and katie return, they have your traffic an
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>> bowebowe bergdahl arrived in
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san antonio, texas, undergoing treatment at brook army medical center, expected to be reunited when his family. live with breaking details, good morning, omar. >> reporter: erika, nicole, good morning, sergeant bergdahl arrived here just few hours ago at brook army medical center in san antonio. it was dark when he came in, they whisk him in so he can begin his necessary phase of re integrate. >> next phase takes place at the brook army medical center in san antonioment teams have been preparing to help the 28 year old with his return to society. that includes psychological treatment. he will also have access to a lawyer if he wants one. and he eventually will be reunited with his family. but that will only happen when doctors believe he's ready. psychologists say timing is crucial. >> bringing him home, getting him off the plane, then turning him to his family would be too much at one time. >> bergdahl was freed less than two weeks ago, in
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exchange for five taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay. the swap sparked controversy. several soldiers, who served with bergdahl, claim, the army sergeant deserted his post in afghanistan. officials say bergdahl could spend weeks, possibly, months, receiving treatment before returning home to idaho. erika, nicole, there is no timetable on how long bergdahl could be here, it could be a now days, it could be weeks, we just do not know yet. >> i know, omar, just curious, what do we know about plans to reunite bergdahl with his parents? we know that that is in the plans. we don't know when they will come in or when doctors are going to allow the family to actually see their son. but we are told that it is something that will happen here. once those details come out, we slutly will let you guys know. >> all right, omar villafranca, thank you. >> in our area, violent robbery at gun store in a shooting range leaves a man fighting for his life. "eyewies


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